Queen Elizabeth II knows her gin. Every day before lunch, Her Majesty enjoys a glass of gin and Dubonnet on the rocks with a slice of lemon. Now, you can mix an authentic version of the regal cocktail at home. As Food & Wine reports, the Royal Collection Trust Shop now sells Buckingham Palace Gin.

Buying a bottle of the small-batch booze is the closest most of us can get to spending happy hour with the Queen. Many of the ingredients used to make the gin are sourced from the Buckingham Palace gardens. Lemon, verbena, hawthorn berries, and mulberry leaves are some of the 12 botanicals that give the spirit its floral, citrusy flavor.

Royal Trust Collection

Though it's sure to be an instant collector's item, this gin isn't just for royal wannabes. It will also be served at official events at Buckingham Palace. Though whether it's good enough for the Queen to drink with her Dubonnet, the palace hasn't said.

The Buckingham Palace Gin is now available for preorder at the Royal Collection Trust Shop for $50 (or £40). It's only available for shipping within the UK, and orders placed now won't be shipped until September 30. Gin isn't the only booze Queen Elizabeth enjoys on a daily basis. She also drinks a glass of wine with lunch, and wine made from her royal vineyard is also available to purchase.

[h/t Food & Wine]