Cozy Up With a Where’s Waldo? Fleece Blanket

Just Funky/Toynk
Just Funky/Toynk / Just Funky/Toynk
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Debuting in 1987, the Where's Waldo? book series—or Where's Wally?, in the UK—tasked readers with finding the elusive, bespectacled world traveler in various crowd shots, from the circus to ancient Egypt to outer space. It sold 55 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 30 languages over the past 30-plus years. And for fans who grew up poring over their collection of Waldo books, this new throw blanket ($25) from Toynk will take you back to the days of those Scholastic Book Fairs from grammar school.

The design on the blanket features one of the series's classic beach scenes (no, not that one) in full, lush color that accurately recreates the style from the books. And as with any Waldo puzzle, there's a lot to explore here. If you look carefully, you'll see that the scene features people playing chicken in the water, a group forming a human pyramid, and some badly sunburned backs. Then, of course, there's Waldo himself, though we won't spoil his location here.

Just Funky/Toynk

Measuring 45 inches by 60 inches, this blanket can fit on most twin and full mattresses or be thrown over a sofa. Head to Toynk to see more.