Even if you’re not any particular fan of country music, it still takes a cold heart not to enjoy Dolly Parton. The enduring entertainer recently had a hit podcast, Dolly Parton’s America, that chronicled her life and career, and her most recent album, A Holly Dolly Christmas, is full of festive songs.

Parton is also celebrating the holidays with a line of home goods from Williams Sonoma that includes a gingerbread log cabin designed to look like her childhood home.

Yes, it’s that wholesome.

Now you can eat Dolly Parton's childhood home.Williams Sonoma

The Dolly Parton for Williams Sonoma line includes baking mixes, cookie kits, and linens. A Holly Dolly Sugar Cookie Mix ($17) takes a Southern approach to a baking classic, while the Holly Dolly Cookie Baking Kit ($30) includes cookie cutters in the shape of musical notes and instruments. Aprons for kids and adults ($25-$40), along with oven mitt sets ($40), are also available.

If you’re not up for baking, you can grab a Dolly Parton Guitar Cookie ($11 for two), which comes prepackaged and shaped to resemble her guitar.

For the die-hard Parton fan, there’s the Dolly Parton Log Cabin ($130), inspired by the Tennessee home where Parton grew up. You can even have it personalized.

The Holly Dolly line is available at Williams Sonoma stores or on their website.

[h/t Sounds Like Nashville]

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