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Video games have evolved astronomically since the 8-bit days of the 1980s and '90s, but while those modern bells and whistles are no doubt impressive, you still might find yourself getting nostalgic for simpler titles like Super Mario Bros. or Street Fighter. Now, you can play those games and 618 others with this Retro TV Game Console.

The Retro TV Game Console comes with an audio/video cable to easily link up your TV for hours of old-school gaming on hardwired joysticks, just like the old days. The 8-bit game console comes with 620 classic games preloaded into the system, and the white and gray console and controllers are modeled after the NES. This makes it all that much easier for the muscle memory to kick in when sitting down for some of your childhood favorites. After playing Contra, Mario, and Bomberman again, you’ll be craving some Gushers and Ecto Cooler in no time.

The Retro TV Game Console set is on sale today for 60 percent off, bringing the total down to just $40.

Prices subject to change.

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