Kraft Is Selling Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese for the First Time

Kraft / Kraft

Until recently, people on a gluten-free diet had to think outside the blue box to get their macaroni and cheese fix. That's no longer the case. For the first time, Kraft is offering a gluten-free version of their boxed mac and cheese, Delish reports.

Whether they grew up with it or never had the chance to try it, people with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and other dietary restrictions can now indulge in the beloved product, because Kraft has replaced the wheat flour from the original noodles with corn and brown rice. The new pasta has the same smooth texture as the classic mac while meeting all the Food and Drug Administration's standards for gluten-free products. And of course, the nostalgic cheese flavor from the original hasn't gone anywhere.


Kraft has made some bold choices in recent years, including removing artificial ingredients from its mac and cheese and marketing it as a breakfast food. To gluten-free consumers who haven't been able to fill the blue box-shaped hole in their life, this new change may be the most exciting one yet.

Kraft gluten-free macaroni and cheese is now available in stores alongside the traditional version. If you're looking to optimize your convenience meal even further, here's a trick for upgrading your boxed mac and cheese.

[h/t Delish]