Tired of Shoveling Snow? Try Rolling It

Get rolling.
Get rolling. / GeloKorol/iStock via Getty Images

Snow is one of the most magical parts of winter—until it's time to shovel it. A morning spent clearing your paths and driveway can leave you with a back and shoulder ache that even a warm cup of cocoa can't fix. Luckily, breaking your shovel out of the garage isn't the only way to deal with the white stuff outside your window. Tiphero has shared an alternate method for relocating snow that's fast and easy.

Next time you need to navigate your property after a snowstorm, try the snowball technique, which is exactly what it sounds like. Start by crouching down and forming a snowball about the size of a cantaloupe. Continue to roll the ball down your lawn, walkway, or driveway until you have a snowy mass that's big enough to push while standing. As the snowball grows, it should clear a path in its wake—no heavy-lifting required. You can see how it's done in the video below from Joshua Jordan.

This method still takes some time and effort, but it should hopefully be easier on your body than hauling snow with a shovel. You may even have a little fun while doing it. The only caveat is that the texture of the snow needs to be just right. If it's too powdery, trying to build a snowball big enough to clear a path may be more trouble than it's worth.

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[h/t Tiphero]