Can You Spot the Differences Between These Autumn Forest Images?

Scroll down for the full images.
Scroll down for the full images. / Gergely Dudás

We’re about halfway through winter, so the color scheme of your local forest probably comprises muted hues of gray, brown, and green (with blinding white, too, if you've gotten any snow lately). The images below give you the opportunity to return for a moment to the rich oranges, yellows, and reds of autumn—and exercise your mind, while you’re at it.

There are seven differences between the following two forest scenes, illustrated by Hungary-based artist Gergely “Dudolf” Dudás. Spotting them all takes an astute eye not easily distracted by adorable woodland creatures like foxes, owls, and hedgehogs. Once you think you’ve located every discrepancy, keep scrolling to reveal the answers.

Do you wish you could live there?
Do you wish you could live there? / Gergely Dudás

Dudás has amassed about 166,000 followers on Facebook, where he routinely posts charming pictures with hidden images, differences, or other puzzle elements. Many are holiday-themed, but there’s never really a wrong time to try to spot a ghost among skeletons or a sheep among Santas. He’s also illustrated Beth Terry’s Fox & Rabbit stories and released a few of his own books, which are full of hidden image puzzles.

These days, Dudás-style puzzles are just a Google search away. But anyone whose childhood predates the internet will no doubt remember the days when flaunting your eagle eye required purchasing an I Spy or Where’s Waldo book (or opening an issue of Highlights magazine).

See the answer key below, and peruse more of Dudás’s work here.

The carrot-turned-corn was a tricky one.
The carrot-turned-corn was a tricky one. / Gergely Dudás

[h/t Gergely Dudás]