Pining for the Sounds of Your Favorite Watering Hole? The ‘I Miss My Bar’ Site Can Help

Do you miss this din?
Do you miss this din? / skynesher/iStock via Getty Images

You might be able to whip up your favorite bar’s signature cocktail in your own kitchen, but recreating the cozy din of clinking glasses and muted chatter at home doesn’t succeed as well.

While you’re waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to end, I Miss My Bar can help mentally transport you right back to your watering hole of choice. It’s basically a website that simulates classic bar background noise by combining seven different audio tracks: “Bartender Working,” “People Talking,” “Full Room,” “Rain on Window,” “Night Ambience,” “Serving Drinks,” and “Street Ambience.” Not only do you decide which tracks to play together, you can also control the volume on each one. If you’re yearning to sit outside a quiet hole in the wall on a summer evening, for example, the chirping crickets of “Night Ambience” combined with the sounds of slicing and pouring from “Bartender Working” will get you pretty close. If your local pub is everyone’s favorite refuge during a rainstorm, on the other hand, “Rain on Window” and “Full Room” probably sound just like it.

According to The Verge, the project was created by two companies based in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico, and is operated by Maverick, a bar in that city. The site also features a Spotify playlist—updated weekly—that you can add to your customized audio experience. Though I Miss My Bar could never replace your beloved neighborhood haunt, it could help pass the time until an in-person visit is safe again. And when that happens, you might even end up wishing you could turn down the volume on that noisy table to your left.

[h/t The Verge]