How Much Famous TV Houses Cost in Real Life

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From the Addams Family’s dilapidated mansion to the Walsh’s modest pad with a 90210 zip code, it’s hard to imagine television’s most famous families without picturing their fictional abodes. But have you ever wondered whether your favorite TV characters, like Seinfeld’s Kramer, could actually afford their often overly swanky pads given what a series’ narrative tells us about their professional lives? Well, the pop culture-loving real estate experts at Trulia have. And, using area comps, have produced a fascinating graphic to put a price on some of television’s most iconic domiciles.

The most interesting things we learned from it?

Modern Family’s lovable goofball Phil Dunphy must be selling a whole lot of prime real estate to keep his family so comfortably ensconced in their Westside Los Angeles home, which sold for $2,150,000 a year ago.

There’s no way the two-bedroom North Hollywood home used for the exteriors of The Brady Bunch could fit the entire six-kid clan, not to mention Alice, Tiger, and that occasional jinx of a cousin, Oliver. Also, architecture may not be as lucrative a gig for Mike Brady as one might expect; the house is currently valued at just over $552,000.

Finally, most people would have to be California dreaming in order to foot the bill for the $5,821,100 it would cost to live in Sandy and Kirsten Cohen’s palatial oceanfront digs in The O.C. That’s including Ryan’s pool house. Yet the house, which was supposedly in Newport Beach, is actually in Malibu, making it part of Los Angeles County, not Orange County—and therefore making the whole series a lie.

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Infographic courtesy of Trulia