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Keep the Outside From Coming Indoors With This $13 Dog Paw Cleaner

Elaine Selna
ChristopherBernard/iStock via Getty Images Plus
ChristopherBernard/iStock via Getty Images Plus / ChristopherBernard/iStock via Getty Images Plus
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When it comes to our pets, we are all looking for the best tips, tricks, and tools to keep them from wreaking havoc. This means preventing the mud and dirt that covers their paws after a trip outside from caking our nice rugs, furniture, and clothes inside. Instead of wiping those dusty paws off with a towel after every walk, you can make life easier by opting for the Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner, a $13 product sold on Amazon that has become a hit on social media outlets like TikTok, according to People.

All you have to do is fill the inside chamber with water, stick your dog's paw in, and gently twist the Mudbuster around. The interior silicone bristles will help scrub off any debris your dog has accumulated from outside.

Dexas International Ltd./Amazon

This device is available in six bright colors and three different sizes ranging from 4.3 inches tall to 8.85 inches tall so that it can work with any size dog paws. You can easily throw this into your backpack when on a hike or keep it by your backdoor for everyday use. When you want to clean the gadget, the tumbler and silicone bristles are dishwasher-safe.

The Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner is available on Amazon.

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