Want to Sleep in a Spud? The Big Idaho Potato Hotel Is the Airbnb of Your Dreams

Don't judge a potato by its peel.
Don't judge a potato by its peel. / Airbnb

Each year, the Idaho Potato Commission sends a bright red truck on a cross-country road trip called “The Big Idaho Potato Tour.” Strapped to the trailer is a very big Idaho potato indeed—a fake one that could hypothetically generate more than 20,200 servings of mashed potatoes. One of these hefty tubers has retired to the countryside south of Boise, Idaho, where it now operates a quaint Airbnb. Actually, it is the Airbnb.

Former Big Idaho Potato Tour spokesperson Kristie Wolfe has transformed the 6-ton spud into a white-walled haven with all the amenities you’d expect from a cozy farmhouse: a fireplace, air conditioning, a mini-fridge, a record player (and some records to play on it), and minimalist decor complete with an antler-inspired chandelier. The bathroom—tub included—is located next door in a refurbished grain silo.

No television, but plenty of room for a game of hot potato.
No television, but plenty of room for a game of hot potato. / Airbnb

You’ll get the whole potato to yourself, but you won’t be totally alone during your stay. The plot is also occupied by a Jersey cow named Dolly, who’s earned a number of glowing compliments in previous visitors’ reviews. According to one, Dolly is “the cutest, sweetest cow who wants all the attention and knows she’s the real star of the show.”

Bring your own fluffy robe.
Bring your own fluffy robe. / Airbnb

Vacationers hoping to cook gourmet meals or make a dent in their Netflix queue might want to opt for another spot; the potato abode doesn’t have a kitchen, a TV, or WiFi. (Though it does have outlets, so you can power up a hot plate and also charge your devices.) If you’re a French fry fanatic looking to unwind inside your favorite starchy veggie, however, the Big Idaho Potato Hotel is definitely the destination of your dreams. It’s listed on Airbnb for $165 per night, and you can check availability here.