8 Products That Help Make Laundry Day Easier

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Even though we all know it's coming, laundry day is still a tiresome chore that never seems to get any easier. To save your household time, money, and emotional turmoil, we’ve collected eight products to make your next load a little less defeating.

1. Conair Rechargeable Fabric Defuzzer; $13-$25


Spring is synonymous with light sweaters and hoodies. However, once you pull out your old tops and remember they have fuzz balls all over them, it becomes a chore just to make them look presentable again. Instead of toiling away on it, rejuvenate your wardrobe by using a fabric defuzzer or shaver. This tool lightly scrapes away those pesky pills of fabric and lint, so your clothes will continue looking like they came right from the dry cleaner every time you put them on. You can even use this gadget on furniture and upholstery.

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2. Tidy Cup; $12-$17


The gooey, blue detergent that we put into our washing machines can get everywhere if it isn’t taken care of properly. For those who use a detergent or fabric softener from a bottle with a downward-facing spout, this is not a new problem for you. However, Tidy Cup can eliminate this issue by catching those pesky drips of detergent that get all over the floor every time you do a load. This product can fit on most economy-sized bottles and will save you the hassle of cleaning up after each wash.

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3. Loc-A-Sok Sock Locks; $16-$23


Nothing is quite as disheartening as folding your laundry only to realize that your dryer ate one of your socks (though you should really stop blaming your machine for that). Leave your solo sock life behind with this lock that holds pairs together while in the wash and dryer. These lock packs come in multiple colors, so you can assign them to specific family members, just in case there's a known sock thief in your midst.

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4. Reusable Hedgehog Dryer Balls (Set of Three); $10


Save money and cut down on wasteful one-use dryer sheets by using these adorable hedgehog-shaped dryer balls. Even though they come as a set, all you need to do is throw one of these little guys in with a small load, leaving your clothing static-free, wrinkleless, and softer than before.

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5. SAMMART Collapsible Plastic Laundry Basket; $28-$30


Laundry baskets are a necessary evil, but when they're not in use, all they do is take up space. This collapsible laundry basket can hold everything you need when expanded and then can shrink to a height of just 3.5 inches when pressed down. You can even buy a few to also carry toys, tools, and other odds and ends around the house.

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6. Haus Maus—The Original Laundry Guard; $30

Cristari LLC/Amazon

The tops of washing machines and dryers inevitably double as makeshift storage areas. However, if something falls behind the machine, you're probably not getting it back until you move. Keep everything in plain sight with Haus Maus’s original laundry guard. This tiny fence holds all your belongings where you want them and won’t let anything go overboard. The adjustable, hinged design means it can work on one or two machines, on the tops of refrigerators, or anywhere with a precariously high surface.

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7. Stainless Steel Laundry Symbols Magnet; $8


The symbols on the tag inside your clothing mean something; many of us just don’t know what. Instead of consulting Google each time these icons arise, have a trusty guide nearby to tell you what each picture means. This magnet is your cheat sheet for those times when you don’t know how to clean a piece of clothing. Keep it attached to your metal machine and never worry about shrunken clothing again.

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8. Step Up Wall-Mounted Laundry Drying Rack; $70-$80

Step Up/Amazon

Drying racks are useful, but also obnoxious to deal with. The 40-inch Step Up mounted laundry drying rack easily screws onto your wall and expands out to hold up to 60 pounds of clothing (or the equivalent of 20 linear feet, according to the company). When your clothes are dry, the rack smoothly folds back into place and only sticks out less than an inch and a half. This rack is perfectly designed for small spaces.

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