Each State's Favorite Easter Treat, Mapped

kajakiki/iStock via Getty Images
kajakiki/iStock via Getty Images / kajakiki/iStock via Getty Images

Even if you're not expecting a basket from the Easter Bunny this year, you're never too old to indulge in nostalgic treats around the holiday. To see which treats associated with the holiday are most popular in your part of the country, check out the map below.

Ahead of Easter on April 4, 2021, the job search site Zippia analyzed Google Trends data to determine which goodies people are searching for in each state. The most popular Easter treat in the U.S. isn't something you'll find in the candy aisle. In 14 states—including New Jersey, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Oregon—residents are most likely to search for boiled eggs this time of year.

According to the map, the No.1 Easter candy is Peeps, topping search results in eight states. A number of candy eggs appear on the map, including caramel eggs and white chocolate eggs. Cadbury Creme Eggs are the winning variety in the most states, with Montana, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Dakota searching for them.

Check out the full graphic below to find out which Easter treat your home state loves. And if none of the items on the map appeal to you, this ranking of the worst Easter candies may be more your speed.