Humans and Vulcans Can Celebrate Star Trek’s First Contact Day With a Shuttlecraft Tent

Robe Factory LLC/Toynk
Robe Factory LLC/Toynk / Robe Factory LLC/Toynk
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April 5 holds a special distinction for Star Trek fans. In the franchise lore, this day in the year 2063 is when humans first made contact with the Vulcans, an event that proved pivotal for Earth's future among the stars. To mark the occasion, Trekkers have dubbed today First Contact Day, and as with plenty of other fictional holidays, there are real-world products hitting the shelves as part of the celebration. And today, Toynk unveiled a new tent that should have any Starfleet hopeful itching to explore the great outdoors.

Robe Factory LLC/Toynk

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Shuttlecraft Justman 2-Person Camping Tent ($140) is shaped like the Federation Type 6 shuttlecraft that has been featured in numerous Trek TV shows and movies since the '90s. This tent, which can fit two to three people, is designed to easily pop up and only requires the four included stakes to be assembled. Since the tent is made from 210D polyester and B3 mesh fabric, with a PU 3000 coating, you won’t have to worry about water, bugs, or aliens entering your atmosphere. Build a fire outside your new abode and see if you encounter any Vulcans to commemorate this special day.

If a tent just isn't enough, you can complete your Trek-themed camping ensemble with a pair of matching shuttlecraft slippers ($30).

Check out Toynk's full First Contact Day offerings here.

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