The Simple Way to Untangle Jewelry Chains

theprint/iStock via Getty Images
theprint/iStock via Getty Images / theprint/iStock via Getty Images

It doesn't matter how well you organize your jewelry—thin chains have a way of becoming hopelessly knotted. Anyone who's struggled to untangle a necklace before a dinner reservation or a party knows how stubborn jewelry knots can be. Fortunately, ditching your chain pendant for a chunkier accessory isn't the only solution. Using some everyday items, you can untangle any necklace knot in time for your night out.

Today recommends starting the unknotting process by coating your chain with baby powder. The powder acts as a lubricant, which should make it easier to loosen the knots without doing any damage to the delicate metal. You can coat the chain by laying it on a surface and sprinkling the powder on top, or you can add the necklace to a plastic bag with one tablespoon of baby powder and shake it all together for approximately one minute.

Once the necklace is well-coated, start to gently massage the knot with your fingers. You may feel it start to untangle right away. If you're working with more difficult knots, you may need something thin and sharp like a needle or safety pin to get the leverage you need. Once your chain is straight and free, wash off the excess baby powder using warm water and dish soap.

This method is preferable to picking at a knot for an hour and possibly making it worse, but it's best to prevent your jewelry from tangling in the first place. One way to do this is by threading your chains through plastic straws and clasping the two ends together to store them. Storing necklaces separately in small pouches—with the ends sticking out of the opening—also discourages tangling.

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