The Most Popular Netflix Show in Each Country, Mapped

See how your Netflix preferences compare to the rest of the world.
See how your Netflix preferences compare to the rest of the world. / Drazen_/iStock via Getty Images

Netflix has gained international popularity, but not every country consumes the same content. Viewers in some parts of the world may prefer broad comedies, while others are watching dark dramas. To see what Netflix show your country is watching in 2021, check out the map below. determined the most popular Netflix shows by country using data from Flix Patrol—a third-party Netflix search engine—and Google's keyword planner. The map only includes titles released since 2011, and countries where data was missing or insubstantial didn't make the list.

The top Netflix show in the U.S. comes from Canada. Schitt's Creek is a hit there, with 1.5 million searches in the past year. The show is also No.1 with Canadians.

In Mexico, people are searching for the retro Netflix blockbuster Stranger Things more than any other title. The show dominates search data in Turkey, Peru, and Greece as well. The Netflix show with the highest Google numbers overall is Peaky Blinders, which boasts nearly 2.3 million searches globally. It's the favorite Netflix series in France, Italy, Brazil, and Argentina. But despite it being a British drama, it didn't win over viewers in its home country. British Netflix users are more likely to search for the women's wrestling comedy GLOW.

Look at the full map to compare your country's viewing habits with the rest of the world. For a more detailed breakdown of what U.S. subscribers are watching, you can find a list of the most popular Netflix shows here.