Did Bigfoot Do It? Hulu's Sasquatch Investigates the Murder of Three California Cannabis Farmers

THEPALMER/iStock via Getty Images
THEPALMER/iStock via Getty Images / THEPALMER/iStock via Getty Images

A new documentary series premiering on Hulu on April 20 pushes the boundaries between true crime and urban legend. As SFGate reports, the story starts with a decades-old rumor that three cannabis farmers were murdered by Bigfoot in Northern California. That story is strange enough, but as Sasquatch reveals, it's only part of the bizarre saga.

The team behind the docuseries isn't known for monster-hunting. Director Joshua Rofé helmed the Lorena Bobbit series Lorena, and executive producers Mark and Jay Duplass are behind recent true crime hits Evil Genius and Wild Wild Country. David Holthouse, the gonzo journalist at the center of the documentary, has previously infiltrated street gangs and white supremacist groups.

Unlike other crime stories the crew has worked on, nearly every element of this case is uncertain. Holthouse ventures into Mendocino County to follow up on the Bigfoot murder mystery he first heard there in 1993. Throughout the investigation, he learns that the story perhaps isn't the quirky local legend it seems to be, and there are people in the community who want it to stay forgotten.

People more interested in cryptozoology than true crime won't be disappointed. The filmmakers take the original rumor seriously by interviewing experts in all things Bigfoot. As for whether Sasquatch really was behind the murders, viewers will have to watch the three-part series and draw their own conclusions.

[h/t SFGate]