Can You Spot the Dog That Stole the Sausage in This Brainteaser?

Scroll down for the full image.
Scroll down for the full image. / Toff London

Even well-behaved dogs have been known to swipe meat from an unattended table, and backyard barbecues offer ample opportunities to do so.

While almost all the pets in the picture below are entertaining themselves with balls, bones, or just the pleasure of each other’s company, one crafty canine is clutching a string of sausages stolen before they landed on the grill.

According to Toff London, the watchmaking company that created the puzzle, the fastest record for finding the thief is a mere 11 seconds. Once you’ve tried your best to beat that, keep scrolling to reveal the answer.

Does your dog have a lookalike somewhere in here?
Does your dog have a lookalike somewhere in here? / Toff London

If spotting the single pooch with a mouth full of sausage proves too easy, you might enjoy trying to identify all the different dog breeds represented in the image. Extra distinctive breeds like Dalmatians and huskies might jump out at you, but there are some trickier ones, too, both purebreds and mixes. Can you, for example, tell your cocker spaniels from your Cavalier King Charles spaniels, or your Cockapoos from your Labradoodles?

And if, by some bizarre coincidence, you find yourself wishing you could buy a wristwatch that depicts one of the lovable pups, you’re in luck. Toff London has an entire line of watches with these very illustrations on the watch faces—so you can showcase your love for your actual dog (or the dog you want, or dogs in general) right on your arm. And if that’s not permanent enough, you can always just get a tattoo.



He's still a good boy.
He's still a good boy. / Toff London