The King Arthur Baking Company Just Released Its Updated All-Purpose Baker's Companion

The King Arthur Baking Company
The King Arthur Baking Company / The King Arthur Baking Company
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In a socially distant world, many of us took up baking as a source of comfort. So much so, in fact, that it led to a flour shortage at one point. If you're still elbow-deep in dough every week and always looking for a different dish to tackle, the King Arthur Baking Company's famed cookbook has been updated to accommodate the modern baker and help you master your new hobby.

Winner of the James Beard Foundation award for Cookbook of the Year in 2004, this guide provides over 450 recipes, an updated overview of ingredients (including gluten-free options), and troubleshooting advice alongside new photography and illustrations. You'll learn to bake breads, cakes, and cookies that are delicious and consistent each time—plus, you'll build a solid foundation of baking knowledge that can help you make foods beyond the ones included here.

This book goes beyond users with a sweet tooth, too. While you'll get plenty of tips for making the neighborhood's best brownies, you'll also find recipes for savory bagels, pretzels, pizza, and sourdough starters.

You can find the book on Amazon for $29. And if you're still looking to learn more about baking, King Arthur's website features free comprehensive guides and tutorials for pretty much anything you want to make.

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