How Much Would It Cost to Rent Buckingham Palace and Other Royal Residences?

Jeff Spicer/Stringer/Getty Images
Jeff Spicer/Stringer/Getty Images / Jeff Spicer/Stringer/Getty Images

Buckingham Palace is one of the most exclusive properties on Earth, so you won't see it listed on Zillow any time soon. Still, that doesn't stop people from dreaming of what it would be like to live inside the royal abode. However, if Buckingham Palace ever did hit the rental market, you'd need to earn a pretty princely sum in order to afford the monthly cost.

The UK-based rental site UNCLE recently estimated the rental prices of the royal family's most famous residences. Unsurprisingly, Buckingham Palace in the heart of London is the costliest by far. After analyzing the floor plans and values of properties in the area and applying that to the palace's square footage, UNCLE approximated the monthly rent would be roughly $3,596,456—which isn't too bad for 775 rooms and more than 300 years of royal history.

Behind Buckingham Palace, St. James's Palace in London—home of Anne, Princess Royal—is the second-most expensive residence. According to UNCLE, it would cost about $2,445,312 per month to live there. Windsor Castle would list for about $1,832,525 per month, while Kensington Palace would cost around $212,176. As far as budget options go, Nottingham Cottage comes in at the bottom of the list with an estimated monthly rent of $10,967. The Kensington property is the former home of Duke Harry and Duchess Meghan of Sussex.

In addition to its status, Buckingham Palace comes with many unexpected perks, like fossils entombed in the walls and an ATM in the basement. Here are more facts about the palace—which first became a royal residence thanks to Queen Victoria.

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