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Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwiches With This Kitchen Accessory

Sarah Kim
Treat your family to frozen dessert right at home with this ice cream mini sandwich maker.
Treat your family to frozen dessert right at home with this ice cream mini sandwich maker. / Chef'n/Amazon
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A sweet confection that combines two beloved foods, the ice cream sandwich is a nostalgic treat that conjures up memories of summer and childhood. Typically, they consist of ice cream packed between two pieces of cookie, biscuit, or cake acting as the “bread” of the sandwich. And while the most popular version is vanilla or Neapolitan ice cream between two chocolate cookies, there are countless combinations floating around on store shelves. And now, your imagination can be in complete control with the Chef'n SweetSpot mini ice cream sandwich maker.

This simple gadget can help you make up to 10 mini treats. All you need to do is add your favorite cookie or brownie batter to the molds, bake, add your choice of ice cream to the other mold, and then piece them all together and freeze. After a couple of hours, your very own tiny desserts will be ready to eat and enjoy.

Chef'n SweetSpot Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker held by person against white background.
This accessory looks just like a jumbo ice cream sandwich, but it holds up to 10 mini treats. / Chef'n/Amazon

The cookie molds are made of silicone for easy removal and cleaning, and the set comes with a spatula tool that helps spread the ingredients. You'll also get a recipe book for inspiration, but if you want to just stick to the classic chocolate and vanilla combo, go right ahead.

It's a great way to enjoy and experiment with family, or a great gift to give to your favorite ice cream enthusiast. Get the Chef'n SweetSpot mini ice cream sandwich maker on Amazon for $12.

A version of this story originally ran in 2021 and has been updated for 2022.