What Do iPhone Ringtones Sound Like A Cappella? This Group Recreates Those and Other Iconic Tech Noises

Cue "Marimba."
Cue "Marimba." / PhotoMIX Company/Pexels

From Pentatonix to the entire Pitch Perfect series, a cappella performers have capitalized on the public’s ceaseless amazement at hearing human mouths emit sounds that usually only come from instruments.

As Nerdist reports, a cappella group MayTree takes it one step further. In addition to recreating some of your favorite movie and TV scores (Star Wars, Game of Thrones, etc.) and pop songs, the crew also mimics a variety of the most recognizable tech sound effects.

The video below is devoted to iPhone noises, including ringtones like “Opening,” “Marimba,” “Xylophone,” and a very blaring “Alarm,” as well as some subtler alerts—like the sound your iPhone makes when you plug in the charger, or the click that occurs when you lock it. (Though if your phone is perpetually on silent, you probably never hear these noises.)

In another video, the MayTree members imitate sound effects that anyone who has ever used Microsoft Windows can probably identify in their sleep: the startup and shutdown noises, the sound of a USB stick getting plugged in or removed, and the satisfying crunch of moving a file to your trash folder.

There’s also an edition that covers sounds from popular communication apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, SnapChat, Skype, Discord, and WhatsApp.

If your favorite tech trill isn’t included in one of the videos above, there’s always a chance that MayTree will feature it in a future video. For updates, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

[h/t Nerdist]