Can You Guess the Gadgets Star Trek Invented?

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1. Today, many hospital workers wear Vocera, which is similar to which of these Star Trek inventions?

A) Communicator Badge
B) Phaser
C) Personal Access Data Device
D) Holodeck

2. The dazzler is similar to which piece of Star Trek technology?

A) Phasers
B) Diagnosis Bed
C) Portable Memory Device
D) Cloaking Device

3. This Star Trek device decoded alien-speak in real-time.

A) Language Converter
B) Universal Translator
C) Galaxy Decoder
D) Universal Language Converter

4. The iconic food replicator is similar to which modern-day invention?

A) Air Fryer
B) Blender
C) Microwave
D) 3D Printer

5. The invention made needles obsolete in Star Trek.

A) Hypospray
B) Compressed Air
C) MediPacks
D) Nozzles

6. In Star Trek: The Original Series, this technological device scans geological, biological, and meteorological anomalies.

A) Radar
B) Phaser
C) Weather Balloon
D) Tricorder

7. Which of these inventions was not on Star Trek?

A) TiVo
B) Touchscreen
C) Tablet Computers
D) Holograms

8. Which form of communication did Star Trek have long before we did?

A) Vine
B) Video Chat
C) Social sites like Facebook
D) Email

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Answers: 1:A; 2:A; 3:B; 4:D; 5:A; 6:D; 7:A; 8:B