Can You Spot the Hidden Images in This Magic Eye Music Video?

GeorgePeters/iStock via Getty Images
GeorgePeters/iStock via Getty Images / GeorgePeters/iStock via Getty Images

Magic Eye pictures didn't die out with the 1990s. Though their pop culture peak has passed, artists are still finding creative ways to use the trippy illusions. To see an example of Magic Eye imagery in motion, cross your eyes and try your best to watch the video below.

As The A.V. Club reports, the Montreal-based band Suuns released this official music video for their new song "C-Thru." If you keep your focus sharp, the visuals will look like abstract patterns and static—but after allowing your vision to blur just right, the Magic Eye images should become visible. Some of the shapes hidden in the chaos include a falling person, a fist changing into lungs, and rocks transforming into a skull.

Magic Eye illusions work by tricking your brain into perceiving depth in a two-dimensional scene. When two images are laid on top of one another in just the right way, our brain can see one pattern as being "behind" the other, even though they're on the same plane. This is the same trick 3D movies use to give scenes dimension.

If all you see in the video is a bunch of random visual noise, you're not alone—not everyone can perceive Magic Eye pictures. You can increase your chances of picking out the hidden images by using the right technique. Move your face closer to the screen until the video becomes blurry, and then focus as though you're looking at something far away. As you slowly move your face away from the screen, the illusion should hopefully become clear.

[h/t The A.V. Club]