Stomp Around the Neighborhood With Reebok’s New Jurassic Park Collection

Reebok / Reebok
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For anyone out there looking for new ways to express their love for all things Jurassic Park, now you can wrap your feet in some of the franchise's most iconic imagery, thanks to a sneaker collection from Reebok that just went live.

Each item in the Reebok x Jurassic Park collaboration references characters, creatures, and props from the film, like the Club C Legacy shoe based on the animated Mr. DNA character that greets the cast when they first enter the park. Then you've got the Pump Omni Zone II shoes which look as deadly as the poison-spitting, carnivorous dinosaur, the Dilophosaurus. Anyone who wishes they could’ve gone on one of the tour cars through the park will enjoy the flashy colorway and design of the Instapump Fury OG slip-ons that embody these vehicles.


For big fans of Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm, the Classic Leather shoes show chaos theory in action with one side made of black embossed leather while the other sports four different prints mixed up together. Dr. Alan Grant had a practical look when he visited Jurassic Park, so it only makes sense that the Club C shoe reflects his outfit with suede leather siding and even a nod to his red bandana in the collar lining.

To complete your outfit, Reebok has created clothing fit for Jurassic Park like a camo logo sweatshirt and a tie-dye T-shirt.

Explore the whole Reebok x Jurassic Park collection by heading over to Reebok’s website here.

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