This Simple Trick Prevents Your Jar of Honey From Leaving a Sticky Mess

karenfoleyphotography/iStock via Getty Images
karenfoleyphotography/iStock via Getty Images / karenfoleyphotography/iStock via Getty Images

A bit of mess is inevitable in an active kitchen, but it's better to avoid it if you can. This is especially true with honey. The thick, sticky sweetener has a tendency to leak out of jars and bottles and congeal onto everything it touches. Instead of breaking a sweat scrubbing honey spills out of your pantry, use this simple trick to avoid them in the first place.

According to The Kitchn, cupcake liners are the best tool for catching honey drips before they become a problem. Simply nestle the honey container into the paper (or even better, foil) liner to keep the viscous ingredient separate from the rest of your kitchen. Part of the genius of this hack is that it lets you store your honey bottles upside-down. That way, the syrupy substance will come out easily as soon as you're ready to use it, and you don't have to worry about gravity and a leaky cap ruining your cabinets.

To keep your pantry and honey container clean, it's important to refresh your cupcake liners regularly. Whenever you see that honey has dripped out of the bottle, throw away the sticky liner and replace it with a new on. A package of 150 liners costs only a few dollars online. Unless you bake cupcakes every weekend, you likely won't run out of them anytime soon.

This trick can be used to contain spills from any sticky condiment in your pantry, like maple syrup or molasses. Here are more smart and simple kitchen hacks to try at home.

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