The Most Popular Hulu Show in Each State, Mapped

Hulu / Hulu

Choosing a TV show to watch in the year 2021 is easier said than done. Even if you narrow down your TV options to one streaming service, the size of their catalog can be overwhelming. If Hulu is your platform of choice, this map of each state's favorite original Hulu TV series may give you some inspiration for your next binge-watch.

USDish trawled web analytics data to determine which Hulu titles people are searching for across the country. The new Animaniacs reboot came out on top, dominating search trends in 22 states, including the entire west coast. Like the original Warner Bros. cartoon from the 1990s, this new version of the kids' show is produced by Steven Spielberg.

In second place is the Hulu miniseries A Teacher, which was the favorite original program of 12 states in the U.S. The critically acclaimed adaptation of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale claims the third-most states on the map at nine. No other show comes close to the top three: The next most popular series is the adult cartoon Solar Opposites, which only topped searches in Idaho, Montana, and South Dakota. You can see what Hulu subscribers are watching in your home state by looking at the map below.

If you've already binge-watched all the shows featured here, don't give up your search. Hulu is home to plenty of entertaining shows and movies beyond its most popular offerings, from classic sitcoms to a Bigfoot murder documentary. Here are some of the best titles to stream right now.


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