Oreo Just Released Special Pokémon Cookies, and Fans Are Trying To Eat ‘Em All

Oreo / Oreo

Oreo is more than the classic black-and-white sandwich cookie most people know. Since the treat debuted in 1912, Nabisco has sold limited-edition flavors such as dulce de leche, root beer float, and cotton candy. The newest line of cookies from the brand may be the rarest of all time. As The Takeout reports, Oreo is now offering special Pokémon packages, and people are scrambling to eat them all.

Since debuting on September 8, the Pokémon Oreos have generated tremendous demand. The classic pattern on the front of each cookie has been replaced with a picture of an individual Pokémon. There are sixteen varieties in total, and there's no way of knowing what's in your package until you peel it open. Nabisco has intentionally made some cookies harder to find, to correspond with the rarity of the Pokémon in the video-game franchise. For instance, you may have to buy several boxes before finding an Oreo branded with Mew.

Instead of hunting for rare cookies in the wild, some Pokémon fans have turned to eBay. There are Mew Oreo cookies listed for "buy now" prices of thousands of dollars on the online auction site, though collectors haven't been willing to spend quite that much yet. A more typical resale price is $15, which is still nearly four times more than the original retail value of $3.88 per box.

Like other novelty cookies from the brand, the Pokémon Oreo may not be around for very long. You can try your luck and buy a package from retailers in-person or online. If you prefer Pokémon collectibles that don't have an expiration date, check your attic for these rare trading cards instead.

[h/t The Takeout]