PBR Wants to Pay You to Decorate Your Home in Beer Ads

Your roommates will love this.
Your roommates will love this. / Pabst Blue Ribbon, YouTube

Pabst Blue Ribbon, a.k.a. PBR, has realized that not all the best physical ad space is on billboards beside busy highways and along barriers around sports fields. Some of it’s in your very own house—and the beer company is willing to pay you to use it.

As Food & Wine reports, PBR has launched a cheeky new in-home advertising campaign that involves decorating your home with PBR-branded paraphernalia, posting pictures of it to social media, and then getting paid for your services. How much you stand to make depends on what you’ve got on display, but a PBR spokesperson told Food & Wine that it’ll fall somewhere between $10 to $50 per item.

Most of the items feature the PBR logo, some form of beer (can, bottle, glass, etc.), and a punchy ad slogan. Examples include “We hope this ad makes you want a beer” on a rug; “Home is where the beer is. Unless you run out” on curtains; and “Some people might call this a beer ad. Those people would be right” on an oversized refrigerator magnet.

Rugs, curtains, and magnets are three of the more conventional items on the list. There’s also a curved sticker to slap on a banana; a cutting board; bed sheets; a duvet cover; a “fish tank billboard”; a toothbrush; printed toilet paper; and much more.

If you’re willing to use PBR-branded toilet paper (or any of the other products) for a small paycheck, you’ll have to act fast come 11 a.m. EST on Thursday, September 23, or Friday, September 24—that’s when PBR is releasing more items online. And we’re not exaggerating when we say “act fast.” According to a tweet from PBR, today’s inventory ran out in about three minutes.

Learn more—and try to nab an item when the time comes—here.

[h/t Food & Wine]