Fat Bear Week 2022 Has Arrived at Katmai National Park

Four-time Fat Beat champ Otis is looking to defend his title.
Four-time Fat Beat champ Otis is looking to defend his title. / L. Law via Katmai National Park and Preserve // Public Domain

The event wildlife fans have been waiting for all year has finally arrived. On Wednesday, October 5, Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska kicked off its ninth annual Fat Bear Week tournament—and the competition looks as fierce, and chonky, as ever. Whether you’re a longtime voter or just hearing about it for the first time, there are some important things to know before participating in Fat Bear Week 2022.

Fat Bear Week started as Fat Bear Tuesday in 2014. Former Katmai park ranger Mike Fitz and his colleagues came up with the idea after reading wildlife webcam viewers’ comments celebrating the bears’ pre-hibernation transformation from spring to autumn. March Madness-style brackets featuring before-and-after photos of the bears were published to Facebook, where followers could vote on which bear they thought was fattest. Since 2015, the competition has been a week-long event.

Fat Bear Week 2022 bracket.
Pick a winner. / Katmai National Park and Preserve

Fat Bear Week has since moved off Facebook so more people can participate. For the second year in a row, the park hosted a Fat Bear Junior competition, which concluded on September 30. For the main event, this year has got some pretty serious contenders, including returning champ Otis (a.k.a. Bear 480), who has been named Fattest Bear a total of four times since the competition began.

To cast your vote in the 2022 brackets, you can head to Explore.org, where Fitz is now the resident naturalist. Voting will open every day at 12 p.m. ET until October 11, when the most corpulent contender will be decided.

According to the organizers of Fat Bear Week, the heaviest bear doesn’t always claim the top honor. Fans can vote for the bear that gained the most weight over the year, or simply the bear they like the most. A good photo that shows off their hibernation-ready bod in all its chunky glory also doesn’t hurt. To make sure your voice is heard in this year’s competition, cast your vote here.

A version of this story ran in 2021; it has been updated for 2022.