Plan Your Perfect Trick-or-Treating Route With Nextdoor’s Halloween Treat Map

Make sure your trick-or-treaters come home happy this year.
Make sure your trick-or-treaters come home happy this year. / kali9/iStock via Getty Images

Arriving at a house decked out with spooky decor and walking away with a king-sized candy bar is one of the highlights of trick-or-treating. But traipsing down dark street after dark street with no candy-givers in sight can be pretty disappointing for the kids.

Nextdoor is helping you avoid that this Halloween with its annual Treat Map, sponsored by Reese’s. To access it, you will need to sign up for a (free) Nextdoor account. Once you’ve done that, log in through the app or on a web browser and look for “Treat Map” in the menu bar. Once there, hit “Add Your Home” and choose whether you’re “Giving out treats,” “Decorating outside,” or both.

You’ll also be able to virtually explore your neighborhood (or any neighborhood) to see where the most people plan on decorating and handing out candy. That way, you can map out an extra-fruitful, festive trick-or-treating route beforehand. You can’t, however, see exactly how people will decorate their properties, so happening upon one of Home Depot’s legendary 12-foot skeletons will still be a fun surprise.

If you don’t see many (or any) hot trick-or-treating spots in your area right now, it might just be too early. The map is open for all of October, so more Nextdoor users will likely fill it out as Halloween draws closer; according to a Nextdoor survey of almost 40,000 users across the country, a staggering 85 percent answered that they’ll pass out candy come October 31.