Here’s the Best Way to Remove Tags From Decorative Pillows

Aleksandra Zlatkovic/iStock via Getty Images
Aleksandra Zlatkovic/iStock via Getty Images / Aleksandra Zlatkovic/iStock via Getty Images

The tags on decorative pillows don't look great on your furniture, and they don't feel great on your face when you lay down on them. But despite the myths you may have heard about mattress tags growing up, you can't get in trouble for removing a piece of paper from something you already own. The only thing stopping you from de-tagging your pillows may be the fear of damaging the item during the procedure. Instead of hacking away at your pillows without a plan, follow these steps for successful tag removal.

Attempting to rip the tag off with your hands could leave an unsightly hole in your pillow. According to SFGate, the simplest way to cut the tags off your throw pillows is with a pair of scissors. Pull the tag away from the pillow until it's stretched tight, and use the scissors to cut the paper as close to the pillow as possible without tearing the fabric. This method leaves a small strip of material along the pillow's seam.

If removing most of the tag is good enough for you, you can stop here. To get rid of any signs that the tag was ever there, break out your sewing supplies. Take a seam ripper and cut the stitches attaching the remnants of the tag, taking care not to rip the fabric of the actual pillow.

To close the hole you just created, sew it up with a running stitch. You can do this by pushing a needle with a knotted thread down through the material and up again, continuing the pattern every 1/16 to 1/8 inches until the seam is secure. Only opt for this method if you're confident in your sewing abilities—or find a friend who's more skilled in that department than you are to do it for you. You can also sew a slip stitch by looping the thread across the opening with the seam tucked inside, but this may not look as neat.

Removing the tags from your newly-purchased items is almost as annoying as peeling off stubborn stickers. Here are the best ways to safely remove stickers from any surface.

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