Can You Find the Festive Dog in This Holiday Scene? /

Pets love to make themselves part of the festivities on Christmas morning by hiding among the presents and wrapping paper. Even if you can spot your own dog beneath the Christmas tree, you may have a hard time finding the festive pooch hidden in this illustration. One of the dogs in this brainteaser is wearing a Santa hat—how quickly can you spot him? put together this Christmas puzzle to highlight common pet stressors to avoid during the holidays. Most of the objects scattered throughout the scene are known to cause pets discomfort or harm under certain circumstances.

Hats, antlers, and decorative collars may look cute, but they can put your pet in a less than cheery mood. What's worse are the chocolate candies and baked goods that are served for the holidays, which are toxic to dogs. Even a hug can cause your pet stress if you hold them too tightly.

The hidden-image puzzle also includes the floating faces of several Boston terriers. One of the dogs is wearing a Santa hat, and he's not easy to spot. Spend at least a few minutes scouring the illustration before checking the solution in the picture at the bottom of the article.

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