McDonald's Is Now Offering TikTok-Inspired Menu Hacks

You want a Chicken McNugget sandwich? You can get a Chicken McNugget sandwich.
You want a Chicken McNugget sandwich? You can get a Chicken McNugget sandwich. / Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Consistency is the name of the game at McDonald’s, where you can expect a Big Mac to taste like a Big Mac whether you’re in New York, London, or Moscow. But after years of watching fast food chains like In-N-Out capitalize on “secret menu” orders and other menu “hacks,” the Golden Arches is now offering to serve a few Frankenstein food creations of their own.

According to CNN, the chain is officially embracing four menu customizations created by fans on social media outlets like TikTok. Orders can be placed for a Hash Brown McMuffin, which uses the potato patties as an extra layer; a Crunchy Double, which adds Chicken McNuggets to a cheeseburger; the Land, Air and Sea, which combines chicken, a Big Mac, and the Filet-o-Fish; and the Surf and Turf, which blends a double cheeseburger with the fish. The latter is available only on the McDonald’s app or via McDelivery.

There is one important caveat to this menu switch-up that may bum out patrons. Each menu “hack” serves up only the ingredients. You’ll have to assemble the amalgamated food on your own time. Considering a lot of McDonald’s business comes from commuters and other drive-time eaters, that might prove messy.

TikTok celebrities like Sarah Sandlin and Greg Simms will be appearing in television commercials to push the promotion, which launches January 31 and will be available only for a limited time.