Don't Forget to Celebrate 2/22/22 This 'Twosday'

elladoro/iStock via Getty Images
elladoro/iStock via Getty Images / elladoro/iStock via Getty Images

The second month of 2022 is a special time for people who mark palindrome days on their calendars. Ten of February's 28 dates read the same backwards as they do forwards. The last week of February is a parade of palindromes, the most anticipated of which is 2/22/22, otherwise known as "Twosday."

Most people think of palindromes as words that can be flipped around and appear the same (like mom or racecar), but numbers can make palindromes as well. If you format your dates by month, then day, followed by the last two digits of the year, this month is filled with palindromic dates. Today is especially exciting because, whether you format your dates with the month or day first, it consists entirely of twos. It also falls on the second day of the week, and the word Tuesday even has a homophone for two in its name.

In addition to taking as many opportunities to write down the date as possible, there are other ways you can celebrate this quirky palindrome day. If you type 2/22/22 into Google and hit search, you'll unlock an Easter egg that showers digital twos and confetti on your screen. Wait until 2:22 p.m. if you really want to capture the temporal symmetry of the day.

The first palindrome day of February 2022 was 2/2/22, and there are still several more to go. Sunday, February 20 (2/20/22) kicked off the start of a palindrome week (plus a few extra days). The last nine days of the month through Monday, February 28 read the same forwards and backwards in the m/dd/yy format. After February, we won't see another palindrome date in the U.S. until 2023.