Natural Light Wants to Supply You With Free Beer—But You’ve Got to Get a Mullet First

Natural Light
Natural Light / Natural Light

Several fashion trends from the 1970s have made a comeback in recent years, but the mullet has been a tougher sell. Now, Natural Light is attempting to revive the hairstyle for the 2020s. As Food & Wine reports, the beverage company is giving away free beer to people who ask their stylist for the retro cut.

Natural Light first hit shelves in the '70s—the same decade the mullet arrived on the scene. The brand recently decided to return to its roots with 1977-inspired cans sporting a vintage design. To promote the limited-edition packing, Natural Light is asking its drinkers to throwback their hairdos to the same era and take a picture to prove it.

If you're willing to cut the front of your hair short and keep the back flowing free, post a picture of your mullet to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtags #NattyVintage and #sweepstakes before March 31. Just make sure you follow Natural Light's social page and make your post public.

Out of the eligible contestants, Natural Light will select 100 lucky winners to receive a $30 pre-paid card (to be spent on two 24-packs of Natural Light Vintage) and a $50 pre-paid card (to cover the cost of the haircut). Mullet-wearers willing to make a long-term commitment can post a new picture of their haircut each month for another shot at winning the contest. Natural Light plans to give out 720 gift cards in total this year.

Though it's associated with the '70s and '80s, the mullet is timeless. Archaeological evidence traces early versions of the style back thousands of years. And after decades out of the spotlight, interest in the haircut is on the rise. According to Natural Light, online searches for mullet increased by 142 percent in 2021—so by taking part in their sweepstakes, you may be getting ahead of the fashion curve.

[h/t Food & Wine]