McDonald's McFlurry Machines Are at the Center of a $900 Million McLawsuit

What $900 million lawsuits are made of.
What $900 million lawsuits are made of. / Denis Egorev/iStock via Getty Images

Who could have anticipated the best story to come out of the fast food industry in 2021 would involve the McFlurry? The frozen dessert treat at McDonald’s has long been a source of controversy owing to the fact that the machines used to prepare them frequently break down, making the availability of that Oreo McFlurry unpredictable.

Now, a company that developed technology to diagnose and fix the units is whipping up a lawsuit against McDonald’s. For $900 million.

According to Food & Wine, Kytch, which troubleshoots the machines made by Taylor for McDonald’s, is suing the hamburger giant for allegedly spreading false information that the Kytch device would harm the machines or employees. Kytch further asserts McDonald’s tried to inappropriately access details of the Kytch technology and force them out of the marketplace. Kytch is seeking $900 million in damages.

Earlier, Kytch had filed for and received a restraining order against Taylor that prevented the company from owning any Kytch units and taking them apart to see how they worked. Taylor is also named in this new lawsuit, which McDonald’s has called “meritless.”

In 2019, Kytch began selling the smartphone-like device, which plugs into the ice cream machines and offers diagnostic assistance. McDonald’s retaliated by ordering franchisees to stop using the devices, which were at around 500 locations by the end of 2020.

What could this all mean for the consumer? For now, not much. The McFlurry machines are still tempestuous and prone to outages. You can still visit the website to check for McFlurry availability in your area.

In another blow to McDonald’s, that site was recently acquired by fast food franchise Jack in the Box, which hopes to convert annoyed McFlurry seekers by directing them to the nearest Jack in the Box location. Or you could just go get a Frosty.

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