41 of the Weirdest Street Names Across the U.S.


There are some towns around the country where you can take a physical trip down Memory Lane, pay a visit to Sesame Street, hang out on Easy Street, or giggle at Butt Road.

Here are a few other wacky, weird street names that have made it onto the map in various cities:

1. Tupac Lane

A Las Vegas subdivision features a street named for Tupac—though which Tupac is unclear. It was developed in 1990, when Tupac Shakur was still a backup dancer. Other notable Tupacs include several Inca rulers and a former state senator from Michigan. 

2. Frying Pan Road

The D.C. suburb of Herndon, Virginia has featured a community named Frying Pan since at least the 1700s. In the 1890s, the community changed its name to Floris, but the road remains. 

3. This, That, and The Other Streets

Street namers near Porters Lake in Nova Scotia apparently ran out of ideas, because three connecting streets are called “This Street,” “That Street,” and “The Other Street.” Hopefully no one has to give too many directions around there. 

4. Roast Meat Hill Road

Killingworth, Connecticut pays tribute to a warm dinner—or burning livestock. No one's really sure. 

5. 100 Year Party Court

A young woman parties with a group of friends.
Alessandro Biascioli iStock via Getty Images

Who wouldn’t want to buy a house on this street in Longmont, Colorado? The neighborhood is full of whimsical roads, including Half Measures Drive, Confidence Drive, and Tempted Ways Drive. 

6. Zzyzx Road

This road in California’s Mojave Desert shares a name with the town it leads to, as well as a genus of sand wasp. Several songs and a few movies have been named after the area. Zyzzyx Road, a thriller starring Katherine Heigl, made just $30 at the box office. 

7. Chicken Dinner Road 

The origin of this Idaho road’s name lies with a resident who lobbied the governor (who was a friend) to improve the road outside her house. Laura Lamb was known for her chicken, and now no one can drive down the street without being reminded of dinner. 

8. Error Place

On a map, this tiny route in Cincinnati looks like someone began to make a cross street connecting two avenues then decided better of it and gave up. It’s actually a staircase going up a hill. 

9. Bad Route Road

Taking a trip down this residential Montana street may not be as bad of an idea as it sounds. It’s likely named after Bad Route Creek, an offshoot of the Yellowstone River. 

10. Duh Drive

A young girl with pigtails slaps her own forehead.
maaram iStock via Getty Images

Several graduate student apartment buildings at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania are located on Duh Drive. Because living there’s a no-brainer. 

11.Puddin' Ridge Road

Residents of Moyock, North Carolina might have named this street for how muddy it became after a rain. Trying to traverse the thoroughfare before it was paved could be like wading through pudding, according to local legend.

12. Anyhow Lane

This tree-lined residential street in Gansevoort, New York is just like, whatever

13. Linger Longer Road

It sounds like either Southern hospitality or a threat to drivers with a bad sense of direction, but Linger Longer is the informal nickname of the Reynolds Plantation resort in Greensboro, Georgia.

14. Chicken Gristle Road

Granbury, Texas knows how to make a location sound enticing. Chicken Gristle Road is a short detour off Power Plant Court. 

15. Pillow Talk Court

A gray-haired man and gray-haired woman peep out from underneath bed covers
Deagreez iStock via Getty Images

There are a lot of secrets being shared on this little dead-end in the Las Vegas suburbs, no doubt.

16. Squeezepenny Lane

The uniquely named lane presumably got its name from the nearby locality of Squeezepenny, which is reported to consist of "a smatter of houses and farmland." How the tiny not-quite-a-town go its name seems to be lost to history.

17. Farfrompoopen Road

NBC News reports that it's the only way to get to nearby Constipation Ridge. And although other stories cite Farfrompoopen Road's location as Story, Alaska, Google Maps will tell you that it's located in Fannie Township, which makes perfect sense to us.

18. This Ain't It Road

If you're looking for a place to find more information about this peculiarly named street, this article ain't it. There's not much out there about how this quirky road in Dadeville, Alabama was named.

19. Old Trash Pile Road

It seems Old Trash Pile has been cleaned up. In Rheta Grimsley Johnson's memoir, the author mentions that the street in Henderson, Louisiana got a name change after kids who lived on that street were bullied and called "trash from Old Trash Pile Road."

20. Tater Peeler Road

A potato peeler on a pile of potatoes
Richard Villalon iStock via Getty Images

Before it was a road, Tater Peeler was an unincorporated community. The road, we assume, pays homage to the kitchen implement-inspired name of the town.

21. Yellowsnow Road

Do not eat the snow on this road in Fairbanks, Alaska.

22. Poopdeck Street

Named for a man called Clarence "Poopdeck" Platt, a former Homer, Alaska resident who got his nickname from a character in Popeye cartoons, this street's signs are stolen on the reg. Poopdeck, of course, is a nautical term, but that might not be what's motivating the sign thieves...

23. Bucket of Blood Street

In 1886, a shootout at Terrill's Cottage Saloon in Holbrook, Arizona, caused locals to remark that there was so much death and violence, it looked like someone had poured a bucket of blood on the floor. Capitalizing on the infamy, Terrill's changed its name to the Buckets of Blood Saloon and eventually became a Route 66 tourist trap. The bar is gone now, but the street still pays tribute to its gory past.

24. Psycho Path

This pun-based road in Traverse City, Michigan has the honor of being named the most bizarre street in America in a poll sponsored by a company that probably regrets sponsoring the poll.

25. Shades of Death Road

Referred to as "Shades" by locals in Great Meadows, New Jersey, there's no shortage of tales about how this road came by its macabre name. From an outbreak of malaria in the 1850s to a series of murders in the 1920s, you can take your pick. There are constant reports of paranormal activity along the road, but one reisdent says the most suspicious activity comes in the form of vandalism. "Someone is always trying to steal the sign," Chrissy Waters told Weird NJ. "That's why they greased the pole." Maybe that solution could work for Poopdeck Street, too.

26. Fresh Holes Road

A stack of frosted donut holes on a plate
bhofack2 iStock via Getty Images

Your guess is as good as ours on this one. Maybe a developer in Hyannis, Massachusetts had a deep affinity for just-made Munchkins from Dunkin. Sidenote: there is a Dunkin just down the block from Fresh Holes Road. No kidding.

27. Kitchen-Dick Road

There's a simple explanation for this one. The name pays homage to two families who founded the Sequim, Washington area. The families lived at opposite ends of the same road, so the road was named for both. The alternative, of course, would be Dick-Kitchen.

28. English Muffin Way

If you're a fan of breakfast foods, English Muffin Way just might be your Yellow Brick Road (not your Yellowsnow Road) because there's a bakery at the end of it. Bimbo Bakeries makes, among other things, Thomas English Muffins.

29. One Fun Place

Similarly, One Fun Place leads directly to the Jolly Time popcorn factory in Sioux City, Iowa.

30. Little Smokies Lane

You're probably thinking that this road in Winona, Minnesota takes travelers to a factory producing tiny, delicious sausages. However, it's just a road within the Pla-Mor Campground. BYOSausages.

31. Chow Mein LanE

A plate of chow mein noodles and chopsticks
StockSolutions iStock via Getty Images

According to one source, in the 1970s, a multi-family building named the Orient Apartments had to be relocated to make way for the interstate. Part of the complex ended up on the property of a West Linn, Oregon landowner, so he insisted on at least naming the private road on his land that led to the apartments. This was the unfortunate result.

32. Alcohol Mary Road

The name may be memorable, but one family who lives on the road wishes it weren't. The road in Greenwood, Maine is named for a local woman who was known for producing alcohol during Prohibition, and residents seem to view her as a sign of the town's independence. But the Hertell family, who lives on the road and has a family matriarch named Mary, is tired of fielding questions about whether their beloved grandmother was an outlaw. In 2011, town Selectmen voted on the road's name and unanimously...kept it. Sorry, Hertells.

33. I Dream of Jeannie Way

This street in Cocoa Beach, Florida pays tribute to the 1960s sitcom which took place in Cocoa Beach (but wasn't actually filmed there).

34. Stub Toe Lane

There's a good chance you'll accidentally hit this road in the dark, but the lane in Portsmouth, Rhode Island isn't the only place with a sore phalange. There's also a Stub Toe Road in Barnstable, Massachusetts. It's unclear whether there's a Kid Left Her LEGOs Out On the Floor Street anywhere yet.

35. Hanky Panky Street

In 1988, Las Vegas adopted a law that prevents street name duplications in the area, a move intended to prevent potential confusion for emergency response teams. After a building boom in recent decades, developers have had to get more creative with street names, which is why the world has the gift of Hanky Panky Street, a small lane with offshoots called Wild Thing Court and Kisses Avenue.

36. ElVis Alive Drive

A close up of a gold sequined jacket on a man with three golden rings on his fingers
JanelleLugge iStock via Getty Images

Another great example of Las Vegas' creativity, this one is perfectly suited to one of the town's favorite conspiracy theories.

37. Booger Branch Road

There's not one, not two, but three Booger Branch Roads. One in Six Mile, South Carolina; one in Tennga, Georgia; and one in Knott County, Kentucky. There's an explanation behind all of them that has nothing to do with mucus. The Dictionary of Smoky Mountain English reports that "booger" once reffered to a demon or a ghost, which isn't far off from a "Boogeyman."

38. Rascally Rabbit Road

Another entry from Barnstable, Massacusetts celebrates the carrot-chomping, wise-cracking cartoon wabbit from Merrie Melodies.

39. Dutch Oven Avenue

Let's hope it was named after the cooking vessel.

40. Chicken Dinner Road

As the story goes, in the 1930s, the Lamb family had Idaho Governor Ben Ross over for a friend chicken dinner. On his way there, the governor noted that the ungraded road was hard to traverse. If the Lambs had it graded and graveled, he said, he would make sure it was oiled. They did, and locals started calling it Chicken Dinner Road to denote the social gathering that created the upgrade.

41. Weiner Cutoff Road

It's not as painful as it sounds. Weiner is the name of the town.

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No Squawking, Please: A Backyard Bird Library Is the Star of This Livestream

Bird Library, YouTube
Bird Library, YouTube

Many people discovered backyard birding when they were quarantined in their homes at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you have a vibrant wildlife population in your area, the Bird Library webcam is worth checking out. As Atlas Obscura reports, the bird feeder at the focus of the livestream resembles a tiny library where feathered guests can misbehave.

Librarian Rebecca Flowers and woodworker Kevin Cwalina were inspired to build the Bird Library in 2015. Located in a backyard in Charlottesville, Virginia, it features a miniature reading chair, bookshelves, and a reception desk. The decorations are even updated to match the seasons; the feeder currently sports a banner that says "Summer Reading." The main differences setting it apart from a real library are the bird seed scattered on the floor and the avian visitors.

The Bird Library attracts a diverse collection of patrons. Sparrows, cardinals, and mourning doves have been recorded perching on the librarian's desk and checking out the reading materials. The occasional squirrel has also been known to stop by.

Live video of the feeder streams on the Bird Library's YouTube page and website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can play the video below to check in on the current guests. If the backyard Bird Library has inspired you to find birds closer to home, here's some gear for beginner naturalists.

[h/t Atlas Obscura]