Wearing Black Makes You Look Sexy, Smart, and Confident, Poll Confirms

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Call off the search for whatever color is “the new black.” A consumer poll commissioned by a UK-based t-shirt wholesaler has determined which shades reign supreme when you want your outfit to do the talking, and despite its funereal overtones, classic black comes out on top.

Skeptics might cry, “It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it!” True enough, which is why respondents were asked about which color most inspires confidence, that quality most essential to successful self-presentation. An overwhelming majority of both men and women claimed they felt best in black, and it's no small wonder why—two-thirds of women prefer their men in black, and it’s just a short leap to assume that men feel confident when they can sense female attention. (No word yet on same-gender opinions of first-date attire, so there’s study fodder for another day.)

Which color most inspires confidence?

Blue takes after black in the rankings for attractiveness, scoring better with poll respondents than any other shade. Men cite it as one of their top choices to wear on a first date, and women agree that they like a man in blue—that is, if a man in black isn’t available.

There are those who prefer to dress to convey their intelligence rather than their self-esteem, and there’s a color for that, too: black. Once again, respondents of both genders were very clear that black, followed by blue, most connotes intellectual depth. Imagine Sartre wearing canary yellow or Proust in blush pink, and the association of somber colors with serious thought becomes clear.

There are plenty of upsides to dressing like Johnny Cash, though a few downsides stood out. Black was rated low for generosity (Ebenezer Scrooge would wear a black waistcoat, wouldn’t he?), but low for arrogance, which seems like a fair enough trade.

As far as colors to avoid, the results are just as clear. Brown and orange are suitable for chocolate and traffic cones, but not people, and pink is best left to Barbie. For almost all other people and occasions, black is safest and best. Best of all. it will never go out of style.

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