Here's What Happened to Harry and Karen in Love Actually

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Love Actually isn’t exactly the type of film one would classify as a “mystery,” but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t leave the audience with a few curious questions. Namely, what happened to all the shiny happy couples after the credits rolled? Did they all live happily ever after? Thanks to Emma Freud, the film’s script editor and partner of its writer-director Richard Curtis, we now at least know what happened to Harry and Karen, Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson’s at-a-crossroads couple.

In late 2015, Freud decided to tweet some fun trivia about the movie. One storyline she had a lot to say about was the relationship between Rickman and Thompson’s characters:

Fans of the film were interested, too, with one asking Freud whether Harry “ACTUALLY had an affair or was just tempted to?”

Freud admitted that even today, it’s painful to watch the scene in which Karen, newly aware of her husband’s infidelity, listens to a Joni Mitchell CD he purchased for her:

All of which prompted another Twitter user to ask what happened next for the characters:

So, 12 years later, there you have it: Harry and Karen are still together. But not as happy.

[h/t Entertainment Weekly]