A Red Hot Nickel Ball Destroying Things: The Year In Review

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It's hard to deny our innate desire to watch things get destroyed. Thankfully, we live in an age where we can see all kinds of things get blown up, crushed, and microwaved. YouTube gives us access to people with way better and more destructive tools than the average person, so we can revel in the carnage vicariously.

One such YouTube channel is carsandwater, a channel with a whole playlist called "Red Hot Nickel Ball." Since 2012, the YouTuber has been heating up a nickel ball and placing it on various objects, from ballistic jelly to peanut butter. The 50+ videos have amassed millions of views from people curious to see what devastation the red hot ball can bring. It's unclear why we love these videos so much, but it's probably the same reason why viewers love unboxing videos—we're just curious to see what happens. 

This year has been a great one for things being destroyed by red hot nickel balls, so we collected our top five favorites to show you:

NOKIA 3310

Nokia phones are notoriously sturdy, but they don't stand a chance against a burning hot piece of metal. This video is great because you get the added satisfaction of watching the YouTuber peel off the protective sticker.


If you've ever been frustrated by this toy, you might feel some relief watching it burn into a melty plastic pulp.


There's just something so satisfying about watching the ball sink to the bottom of the polyurethane material in a fiery blaze.


Watch the beloved candy melt and sizzle into a pool of oozing sugar.


Water was one of the very first reactions filmed, but carsandwater decided to re-film the action in slow motion.


Here's a classic from 2013: Watch the RHNB burn its way through a huge block of ice.