A Fan-Made Seinfeld Video Game Is in the Works

Jacob Janerka/Tumblr
Jacob Janerka/Tumblr / Jacob Janerka/Tumblr

First a new George Costanza-themed bar opened up in Melbourne, Australia. Now a new point-and-click Seinfeld video game is in the works. Game developer Jacob Janerka (who, coincidentally, is from Australia) quit his day job to work on his new adventure game, Paradigm. In the meantime, he’s also creating Seinfeld Adventure as a side project.

“I've probably spent two to three nights playing with the idea so far,” Janerka told mental_floss via email. “[I] will continue to work on it now though, especially because of the Internet’s response.”

The gameplay would be akin to an adventure game, following classic Seinfeld episodes like “The Contest,” “The Opposite,” and “The Soup Nazi.” However, gamers would be able to customize their own “episodes” with new storylines and adventures. Janerka emphasizes that it’s only a fan game for now, which would be made for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, but he also hopes to acquire multi-platform licensing rights to make it mobile for iOS and Android.

To give people a better idea of what he imagines the new game would look like, Janerka created a few images and GIFs. You can even see a big overstuffed wallet (full of sugar packets, hard candy, and other hilarious nonsense) in George’s back pocket from “The Reverse Peephole.” Look closely and you'll also spot a black-and-white cookie from “The Dinner Party” as a life meter, and a marble rye from “The Rye” on Jerry’s dining room table.

At the moment, Janerka has focused on creating George and Kramer characters, but Jerry and Elaine will of course be part of the finished game. “It would be designed [in a] similar way [to LucasArts'] Day of the Tentacle, where you can control each character to help the other. Although in some episodes, like in the show, it might focus on one or more of the characters, and that's who you would play primarily.”

Janerka doesn’t have a timetable for when Seinfeld Adventure will be completed, but he expressed his appreciation for the outpouring of enthusiasm and demand for the game. “At the moment it is a fun side project that I am doing alongside my full time project (Paradigm),” he said. “Once that is finished, and if I can get the rights, I may well make a full version of the game, which would be awesome. GIDDYUP!”

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