St. Vincent Designed a Guitar to Better Fit a Woman’s Body

Ernie Ball Music Man
Ernie Ball Music Man / Ernie Ball Music Man

So often, products designed “just for women” are nothing more than the original, painted pink (sometimes purple!). But there are a few legitimate reasons to buy something built just for women. Say, when it has to fit across your body, which is shaped pretty differently than the average dude’s. 

Guitar goddess Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, has designed a new guitar with instrument manufacturer Ernie Ball Music Man, and the signature axe is designed to fit her body—meaning it’s also good for other people who are small, have boobs, or otherwise aren’t catered to by the average guitar design. 

“I’m not a very big person,” Clark told Guitar World. “I can’t even play a Sixties Strat or Seventies Les Paul. I would need to travel with a chiropractor on tour in order to play those guitars.” At seven pounds, St. Vincent's guitar is relatively light, with a medium-sized fretboard for smaller hands. The body is narrower than most too, which means that she can shred comfortably (in her words: “there is room for a breast”) and still show the waistline of her elaborate on-stage costumes. 

While there are some manufacturers that specialize in guitars for smaller bodies, not many women in rock have their own signature designs. St. Vincent’s is a welcome new option for ladies who don’t want to break their backs nailing that sick solo. 

It sells for a cool $1900 here.

[h/t Co.Exist]