Though it dared to tackle topics like gun control, teenage pregnancy, homelessness, and bad '90s fashion, long-running teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210 could hardly be accused of being “edgy.” Not that it didn’t try. When the “kids” (many of whom were pushing middle-age by the time the series ended in 2000) aged out of high school, they traded in their local burger joint (The Peach Pit) for its adjacent nightclub (The Peach Pit After Dark), which attracted the likes of Christina Aguilera, Edwin McCain, and Barenaked Ladies. It’s this latter hangout that inspired a new line of T-shirts from retro-loving apparel brands Patti Lapel and frank & jan.

"One of our creative team couldn't sleep one night. Tossing and turning. Half asleep, he decided to check out his iPhone," the Patti Lapel team tells mental_floss of the clothing's genesis. "While browsing the Internet and typing in ideas, he fell asleep. When it came time to wake up, there was a Judas Priest logo saved on his phone, with the words 'Jason Priestly' written underneath. Wasn't even something he remembered thinking. From there, the rest of the connections just fell into place. Actor God maybe?"

Dubbed the “After Dark” collection, the trio of tees reimagines the names of three of the show’s seminal actors in the style of iconic rock bands, blending Brian Austin Green with Red Hot Chili Peppers and turning Ian Ziering into Ian Zeppelin and the aforementioned Jason Priestley into Judas Priestley (“You’ll never look cooler walking around Beverly Hills rep’ing this homage to a classic rock band, who was also the star reporter for their strangely relevant high school newspaper,” promises the label.)

Customers who place their T-shirt orders—which the company suggests you wear "as part of any sort of ensemble that can make a 35-year-old adult appear to be a high school student. Or wear it when you first transfer schools from Minnesota"—before February 27 will get a free After Dark pin set thrown in, which will look perfect with your jean jacket. And you thought your “Donna Martin Graduates” T-shirt was the ultimate sign of 90210 fandom!

Images courtesy Patti Lapel.