Watch a Typical Day in the Life of a 1990 High School Student

Massonstock/iStock via Getty Images
Massonstock/iStock via Getty Images / Massonstock/iStock via Getty Images

While many filmmakers have attempted to capture what it was like to be a high school student in the '80s and '90s, few have managed to do so as realistically as Josh Burdick. That’s because Burdick really was a high school student during that era. His 45-minute video, simply called “April 1990—Video I Shot of My Typical Day of a High School Student,” is a time capsule of everyday teenage life in 1990s, simultaneously mundane and completely engrossing.

In the video, Burdick films himself making breakfast in the morning, driving to school, going to class, and hanging out with friends in the hallways. The video is full of acid washed jeans and teased hair, and absent of smartphones and tablets.

According to The Daily Dot, Burdick was born in Houston in 1972 and became obsessed with documenting daily life after buying a video camera in 1989. Burdick explained that he was inspired to film his school days after seeing Back To The Future (1985). “I can vividly remember being fascinated by the idea of time travel, and the idea that this life of junior high, this isn’t a permanent state,” he explained. “I said, 'High school is a fleeting moment in life ... So I might as well capture it as it is, so years later I can look back and see what was going on.'"