These Japanese Snacks Are Safe For Both You and Your Cat

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How close are you and your cat? Close enough to share meals? Splitting human food with your four-legged friend could make them sick or worse and you probably don't want to introduce any pet food to your diet. A Japan-based chain of cafes and cat rescue missions called Neco Republic is hoping they'll provide a better alternative, according to Rocketnews 24. The establishments sell a product that is specially formulated so that humans and cats can safely dine together.

The Neco Meshi snacks offered by Neco Republic are made without salts or harmful, artificial additives. They are also available in a range of flavors including grilled or smoked bonito (a popular fish in Japan) and blue sprat anchovies.

A reporter for Rocketnews 24 obtained a few packets of the snacks and tasted them with her cat. “Sachi (the reporter) deemed the smoked bonito to be a palate-pleasing piece of seafood,” Casey Baseel reports. The cat also seemed to like the Neco Meshi flavors, except the sardines, which the reporter admits have never been its favorite. “When Sachi held out a few for it to taste, the animal wouldn’t even look at her.” Sachi, however, loved them and said that they were “some of the tastiest dried sardines I’ve had in a long time.”

To get your hands on the human and pet-approved snacks, head to Neco Republic’s online store.

[h/t Rocketnews 24]