Here's How to Check Your Uber Passenger Rating

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Just as Uber users rate their drivers, Uber drivers rate their passengers. The ride-sharing company calls it a “two-way street” of feedback, which is a nice vehicular pun to remind you not to be a jerk, lest you get your on-demand limousine privileges revoked.

Quartz published a post on how to check your passenger score last year, though I found out about the process organically, and I would like to share it with you. ("Organically” in this scenario means my friend Dan showed it to me at dinner. However, Dan has a passenger rating of 4.6, which is lower than my own personal rating. Because of this, I supersede him and am legally—I assume—allowed to take credit for this find. Should Dan have issue with this, he is free to increase his Uber rating and challenge me.)

In our recent post, "16 Things You Might Not Know About Uber and Its Drivers," an Uber driver revealed that they can see passenger ratings when they are hailed, but the number doesn't really matter to the driver when he or she is cruising for a fare. “I’ll accept a ride that comes in regardless of rating,” the driver, JC, said. "I’m just in the habit of, when I get a request, that’s money in my pocket, so I click accept." (It's worth noting that a driver's rating does matter, and that a rating below 4.6 stars means their account is in danger of being deactivated.)

Whether passenger scores matter is besides the point. How often do regular folks get to be rated on a prestigious star scale, just like a glitzy Hollywood movie? I feel like a celeb just thinking about it.

Follow the steps listed below to find out how your Uber drivers are judging you.





It reminds you that all ratings are averaged and that we’re all in this together, so please don’t get your feelings hurt, OK?


That’s my score: 4.8. Pretty good, though it's not the five-star rating I was almost certain I would receive. I mean, I am always on time and at the right location for my driver. For example, I’d never call an Uber while I’m in the shower and have them wait for me outside. I don’t make any outlandish requests when it comes to air conditioning or radio play, and if I roll down my window, I make sure at least one other window in the car is down so it doesn’t make that WOOOOPHSH WOOOOOPHSH WOOOOOOPSH sound while going down the highway.

4.8? That's bull.

I reached out to multiple Uber representatives and employees in order to find out if it is even possible to get a passenger rating of five stars. I have not heard anything back, and until I do, I will assume this is a major conspiracy. I mean, if I don't have a perfect rating, who does? The Pope?

To find out, I asked Pope Francis:

I will update this post when I get a response from Uber, the Pope, or both parties.

Update: Many readers have sent me screenshots displaying their five-star passenger ratings. Still no word from Uber or Pope Francis, however.

Update: As of the Dec. 6, 2016, update (version 3.223.1), there is one additional step needed to find your rating. After clicking "Help" and "Account and Payment" you need to now choose "Account Settings and Ratings." From there you can select "I'd like to know my rating."