Why Don't We Ride Zebras Like Horses?

YouTube // CGP Grey
YouTube // CGP Grey / YouTube // CGP Grey

Here's a puzzler: How come humans didn't tame zebras and ride them across the savanna? Horses and zebras look like basically the same animal, so...what's up with that? The answer is considerably longer than the question, but it touches on the distinction between domestication and taming, the differences between zebras and horses socially (notably in their herd/family structure), and even the fact that zebras have a ducking reflex.

In the video below, CGP Grey gives us Americapox Part II. In that first video, he explored why plagues came from Europe to the Americas, but didn't go in the other direction. (The short answer has to do with domesticated animals in Eurasia.) In this breezy new six-minute video, we go deep on domestication, taming, and zebra(s). Enjoy:

Note: You really probably ought to watch the Americapox video first, if you haven't seen it already. Also relevant is the Reddit comment thread for this video.