Watch the Short-Lived 1999 Hot Wheels Computer In Action


In 1999, toy car-maker Hot Wheels released a desktop computer for kids that zoomed into obscurity almost as soon as it appeared. A $600 disappointment, the computer looked as flashy as a toy Ferrari, but ran more like an old station wagon with a few too many miles on the odometer. At the time, kids and parents were disappointed by its hefty price tag and poor functionality. But nearly two decades later, the Hot Wheels computer holds some nostalgia for children of the '90s and vintage computer enthusiasts alike.

Though the computers are becoming increasingly rare, one YouTube hobbyist managed to track down and restore a full Hot Wheels computer system, complete with flame-covered keyboard, mouse, and, of course, steering wheel.

In the video above, YouTube user Lazy Game Reviews takes the Hot Wheels computer for a test drive, pointing out its coolest features as well as its fatal flaws. “What do you expect for something made for eight-year-old boys?” he asks. “Actually, people expected a whole lot more to tell you the truth, and that’s why these things failed.”

[h/t The A.V. Club]

Banner Image Credit: Lazy Game Reviews, YouTube.