Add Old CDs to Your Spotify Collection With This App

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Even if your CD collection was your pride and joy in the '90s, chances are it hasn't seen much action in the past decade or so. If you're looking to revisit the music library you once worked so hard to develop, you can now do so without busting out your Walkman. As reported by The Next Web, the CD Scanner for Spotify, a new app for iOS, allows users to add albums to their Spotify library by scanning their CDs.

After connecting CD Scanner for Spotify to your Spotify account, you can start scanning the barcodes on the back of each CD case with your smartphone. If the album turns up on Spotify, the app will automatically add it to your saved songs. And if the exact version of the album you own isn't available online, it will search for similar versions to find the closest fit.

Your music library likely isn't the only collection you own that's gathering dust. If you've switched over to the e-reader camp recently, Goodreads offers a similar app for Android users that allows you to import your physical books by scanning their ISBN numbers. The app Movie Database also uses barcode-scanning technology, but it's designed to work on Blu-ray discs and DVDs. Both of those apps are available for free, and CD Scanner for Spotify can be downloaded from iTunes for $2.99.

[h/t The Next Web]